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Safer Internet

it is imperative that you are vigilant, involved and present regarding your child's use of the internet. if you really truly want to keep your child safe, please ask yourself the following questions:

Is your child old enough to be on the game/app/website? There is an age restriction for a reason.

Do you sit with your child when they are on their electronic device?

What rules do you have about internet use?

What are you doing to stop other threats regarding the internet?

A reminder of some of the key information that was included in a safeguarding letter, from Mrs Marshall and myself, on 31st January 2019:

 It is also important to remember that all gaming platform (X-Box, PlayStation etc) games have age restrictions.   Again, these restrictions are there to protect children from the often inappropriate content of the game – such as bad language, violence and sexual content. Equally, the ‘live’ aspect of online gaming (chat and friend lists) should be closely monitored by parent

 Thank you.