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These are some of the best apps we can find that can help children to learn their multiplication facts.  Downloadable from the Apple App Store.  All apps are free and we have tried to select those without pop up adverts.   Please inform the office or Mr Waters if you know of any other apps that we could add.



Swipey Times Tables

Numbers appear on the sides of cubes. They can be swiped to the left or to the right and their product appears at the bottom.  Test yourself with the Quiz modes.


   Multiplication blocks  

Multiplication Blocks

A true puzzle game, Multiplication Blocks is an engaging and addictive puzzler to build multiplication speed and accuracy for kids.  Tap on connected digit blocks to form the product that matches the falling target block. Think quickly, or the time will run out!


Times Tables Made Easy

This app allows children to learn times tables in a playful manner. The ticking score keeps children inspired to learn more. There are also timed tests so children can keep trying to improve their score.



Thinking Blocks Multiplication

Thinking Blocks Multiplication teaches children how to model and solve word problems involving multiplication and division. In this interactive tutorial, children are introduced to 6 problem solving models. The models help children organise information and visualise number relationships.


Times Tables – Learn Multiplication Tables

This times table app will help you remember multiplication facts by asking a random question and then assessing your answer.  What’s great is that it will track a history of your results on a multiplication square grid so you can see the facts that you need to work on.