Hopes & Dreams

Eco Team

At St. Patrick’s we have a very active and responsible Eco Team. Children are selected to attend meetings with an Eco representative and are learning to be mindful in how they can help the school reduce its carbon footprint. The children lead the school in new initiatives for saving energy around school and help implement new ideas on how everyone can work together to make the school a more environmentally friendly place. These ideas, we hope will transfer with the children to home life and when they move forward in their future leading them to be environmentally friendly, global citizens.

Our Eco Team consist of representatives from each class and Mrs Fisher who are, in effect, a hub, with small child-led groups of children, who meet frequently to express views and make suggestions and decisions. 

• They bring new ideas forward for how we can further improve our school and local environment.
• They often develop fund-raising ideas for the school and for other local or national charities.
• Once they have identified a priority, they lead the initiative to enhance what we do as a school.
• They develop initiatives to make our school an Eco School by driving forward change, making the whole community more environmentally aware and improving the school environment.