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Mid Morning Snack

 Mid-Morning Snack

 The children in FS1, FS2, Y1 and Y2  all receive a piece of fruit (fruit provided by the National Fruit Scheme).

Pupils in FS1- Y6 use their water bottles for their daily drink.

Pupils in Yr3 - 6 may bring their mid-morning snack from home. The children will use their water bottles for their daily drinks. The snack you provide from home must be a healthy snack – a piece of fresh fruit, or dried fruit snacks.

 Please send items such as grapes or dried fruit in a small plastic container-named. If there are any specific allergies in a class, pupils may be asked not to bring certain fruits. Nuts are strictly banned in school.

If you wish your child to have milk at break time we have an arrangement with ‘Cool Milk’ where parents register and pay direct to the company who will then supply milk to school. Details available at www.coolmilk.com